Tesla [ELON MUSK] Buy Bitcoin: My Next Target is $84533.86
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That was expected after Elon Musk placed a #Bitcoin on his Twitter profile a week before that. However, it seems the Number 1 influencer nowadays has bought the BTC much earlier.

In this video, I will explain why Tesla (Elon Musk) buy Bitcoin and exactly what that means for the other investors and hedge fund managers.

It is interesting to note that every time Elon Musks supports Bitcoin, the price rises by thousands of dollars within the hour.

In that Tesla Buy Bitcoin video, you will learn why the next target is $84533.86 and how I know these targets, which work just fantastic until the moment.

Tesla (Elon Musk) buy Bitcoin gave the start to the huge investor, and if we see the "domino effect" we can expect much higher targets than the mentioned one.

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