WHY BITCOIN IS GOING UP??? First Bitcoins in My Portfolio!!!!
WHY BITCOIN IS GOING UP is a free lecture from Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy Without Losses. Enroll in the course today: https://eacryptotrading.com/courses/manual-trading/cryptocurrency-investment-strategy-without-losses/.

In this video - why Bitcoin is going up, Petko Aleksandrov continues with the Bitcoin analysis after it reached the 1st target of the Fibonacci, which was at 22 542.76.

He had a few entries after that. But it's the end of the year. It's just before the holidays. He will share with you what he did.

And actually, surprisingly, he has his 1st Bitcoins. From the beginning, if you are following the course carefully, you know that he was not Buying Bitcoins until the moment.

He will tell you what changed in his strategy, how he is looking at things, and why Bitcoin is going up.

It's not just because it went above 20 000. It's a few more reasons behind his investments, and he will tell you in the video - why Bitcoin is going up, what they are.

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�What will you learn in this Cryptocurrency Investment course?
-how to analyze Bitcoin and invest in the other Cryptos
-Cryptocurrency investment strategy
-the right money management
-how to analyze the market
-use your capital for longterm investment
-why Bitcoin is going up

Petko Aleksandrov is the Head Trader and Mentor at Trading Academy, and in this video - why Bitcoin is going up, you will get the best of his trading experience.

Already over 30 000 students joined his courses during the last 3 years, and all are trading his strategies.

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