Bitcoin Algo Trading Course [1.5 Hours FREE Course]
Bitcoin Algo Trading Course [1.5 Hours FREE Course]. Enroll in the complete course using 80% OFF COUPON, and download the 5 Robots for the Trading Strategies:

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�Would you like to trade with ready trading strategies?

Petko Aleksandrov has put together 99 different trading strategies that he has been using for quite a while now. With this course, you will receive 99 algorithmic trading strategies as Expert Advisors.

The Bitcoin Algo Trading Course is online, and once you enroll, you will receive lifetime access and updates for it. More, the course will be updated every month with the new 99 strategies.

�What will you see in this 1 Hour FREE Bitcoin Algo Trading Course:

01:36 Introduction to the course
03:32 Why 99 Robots?
06:47 Brokers vs Exchanges
14:10 Costs When Trading the BTC
26:26 MetaTrader
35:45 Historical Data
50:05 How to Automate a Trading Strategy
1:02:12 Generating Strategies
1:21:28 Results from the EAs in 2 Days

�What will you learn in this Bitcoin Algo Trading Course?

★What is CFD Bitcoin trading
★How to create a Demo account
★How to avoid the scam brokers
★How to export Historical data from your broker
★How to place the 99 EAs in one MetaTrader account

Petko Aleksandrov has created the Bitcoin Algo Trading Course focusing on the robustness of the Expert Advisors and how to automate strategies even you are not a developer. This is very important in algorithmic trading for all traders.

Petko Aleksandrov is the Head Trader and Mentor at Trading Academy, and in this Bitcoin Algo Trading Course, you will get the best of his trading experience.

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The Expert Advisors in the course are created with the following program:

★ FSB Pro - 2 weeks trial:

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