Most Volatile Forex Pairs [TOP 10 + REASONS]
The most volatile Forex pairs are not the most traded ones. Why is that?

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The most traded currency pair is EURUSD and it takes 20% of all daily volume on the Forex market. But that does not make it one of the most volatile Forex pairs. Just the opposite.

In this video, the trader Petko Aleksandrov will give you the 10 most volatile Forex Pairs that you can trade. And the reasons why they move so much.

The most volatile currency pairs are:
04:07 USDKRW and USDBRL - the most volatile currency pairs
04:44 AUDJPY and NZDJPY - economies relying on export
07:00 EURGBP and CADJPY - Brexit made the EURGBP a volatile asset and Japan imports Oil from Canada so they buy a lot of CAD with its JPY
09:05 GBPAUD - Australian Dollar got volatile currency pair after the trade war between USA and China. Australia broke its export-relation with China.
09:42 USDZAR - it has one of the best up trends for all traders
10:35 USDTRY - The Turkish lira lost a lot of its value and made the USDTRY a very volatile asset.
11:30 USDMXN - the rocky relationship between Mexico and the US while Trump was a president made the USDMXN one of the most volatile currency pairs.

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