What is a Forex Broker?
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To get started with trading, you will need to select your Broker for those unfamiliar with this.

� What is a Forex Broker?

What is a Forex Broker is one of the questions that we receive daily in the Academy. Forex Broker is a company that provides us retail traders with access to trade with on the market.

We open a Demo or a Live Account with them, and then we can start trading:

*Demo Account is a virtual account that we highly recommend beginners to start with. There is no risk to you because there is nothing to lose.

*But Live trading is the real thing with real risk, with real trading. We fund an account with our Broker, and we can start buying and selling assets, or we can use our Robots for trading the way we teach you in this course.

And because once you are ready, you will be risking real money, it is imperative to select a regulated Broker.

There are thousands of Brokers, and sometimes it's not easy to choose the right trading Broker.

Before you start practicing, have a look at the brokers (and Crypto exchanges) that our traders use:

It's a personal choice which Forex Broker you will select, and it depends on:

★ where you live
★ what type of platform you want to use
★ and what type of account you want to open.

You will need the MetaTrader platform, which is the most common platform for trading.

It is a free platform, and most of the larger regulated Brokers provided free of charge. The latest version is 5, but most other traders and I still prefer to work with version 4.

What you need to do is install it on your computer, open a Demo account and start practicing.

As mentioned earlier, the single most important thing to look for when selecting a Broker is to ensure they are regulated.

Selecting a legitimate Broker will ensure you have no worries about the safety of your capital, and you'll be able to withdraw your money when you're ready or when it is required.

Always ensure you select the Broker that belongs to one or a few of the most popular regulators to make it easier for you.

It's also important to check the:
★ Spread
★ Swaps
★ Commission fees

That your Broker charges as this could be the difference between a profitable and an unprofitable account.

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