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You will be able to make a copy of the cryptocurrency Portfolio spreadsheet and use it for yourself.

In this video, Petko Alexandrov will show:
- what is in the cryptocurrency spreadsheet
- how to update the market values
- what are the formulas and what is the logic
- which are the crypto wallets he uses
- how to calculate the gains and the losses
- how to keep track of staking
- how to modify the cryptocurrency spreadsheet

Once you subscribe to the Patreon page of Petko Aleksandrov, you will be able to download the Cryptocurrency spreadsheet and use it for yourself.

Why do you need the subscription?
► You will have the updated version of the spreadsheet
► You will know when Petko buys and sell Cryptocurrencies ON THE MOMENT
► You will have access to a closed group chat where you can share your experience or ask questions

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