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Many of our students and traders, YouTube subscribers, followers, and everyone who is engaged somehow with the Trading Academy and our courses, asked me about sharing which cryptocurrencies I buy when I buy them and at what prices. And it took me some time to figure out how I can do it to make it very useful for everyone, and now I figured it out...

I’ve created a spreadsheet that I will be sharing with everyone who subscribes to my Patreon page:

You will be able to easily make a copy of it, so you can use it for your portfolio of assets. But, at any time, you will know what cryptocurrencies I have. And these are the cryptocurrencies that I invest in, or in other words, that I hold for weeks, months, or even years.

And more importantly, I will be notifying you whenever I buy a cryptocurrency, live, at that moment, at what price, and how much I buy. For example, if I buy 1 Ethereum today, I will tell you something like, Hey guys, I just bought 1 Ethereum today at the price of $1010 or whatever the price is, and I bought it because it broke the psychological $1000, for example.

I want to tell you why I bought it, what my reasons are for doing it, but of course, it would be your personal choice if you will do the same, or you will buy more or do nothing at that time if you choose to. Simply put, I will share my investing in cryptocurrencies with you, share any selling of the assets that I do, or decide to stake some assets to get a passive income out of it.

I record many videos for my courses, for our YouTube channel, and other social media platforms. You need to understand that there is some time required for technical aspects before we launch the video. So usually, I make the trade or an investment. There are times when I can record the video while I do it. The video then goes to my video editor, who will edit the video, including adding some annotations and pictures. Then the project comes back to me to ensure everything is as it should be before approving it. From there, it goes to Desi from our team, and she prepares the video for youtube, with some handsome picture of me