Card Tutorial [STEP-BY-STEP LIVE DEMONSTRATION] Card Tutorial is a free video from the new Staking Crypto Course.
► Get a $25 Bonus when you stake for the Card:
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The company is growing fast because they have a great staking option. And the most popular one is to stake Cro coins for a visa card. And in this card Tutorial, you will learn how that works step-by-step.

It might sound strange in the first place, but when you learn more about it, you will love the idea:

What you need to do is to stake cryptocurrency (Cro Coin) for 6 months, and you are getting the Visa Card. In the end, you get your Cro coins. So you might ask why do I need another Visa Card?

The Visa card is different:
► You get cash back anytime you purchase with it
► Spotify becomes free
► Netflix and more bonuses

Depends on the amount you stake, you will be getting a different card. But the best thing is that you get cashback. For example, with the Ruby steel cards that I will show in this card tutorial, I will be getting 2% cashback.

If I spend $1000, I will get $20 as Cro Coins in my account.

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