How to Stake Tezos on Ledger Nano X Wallet [Ledger Live App]
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� How to Stake Tezos on Ledger Nano X Wallet?

In this video, Petko Aleksandrov will be showing you how you can stake
Tezos on the Ledger Live app, and he will demonstrate it step by step.

� Did you know that you can earn passive income from your cryptocurrencies?

Ledger is one of the safest wallets, and more and more people are using it, but not everyone knows that actually, they can earn passive income from keeping their tokens in their hardware wallet.

Share with us in the comments below which hardware wallet you prefer to use and why.

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�What will you learn in this Crypto Staking Course?
-What Crypto Staking is
-How to Stake Tezos on Ledger Nano X Wallet
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-A step-by-step process to begin Crypto staking

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