Bitcoin price target 2021
Bitcoin price target based on what JP Morgan said and all that happened.
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In 2020 we saw many signs that huge investors are into Bitcoin. Even JP Morgan predicted that $146 000 is a Bitcoin price target.

In this video, Petko Aleksandrov analysis what was said and what would happen if the price reaches that level. So is $146k a BTC target, or is it the beginning of something bigger?

Well, if the Bitcoin price reaches $146k, that would mean that it will reach the market cap of Gold. If that happens, then even the very skeptical investors would see that BTC is already the alternative currency.

Many believe that the BTC is not backed up by anything, and it can't reach such a target. But how about all the computer power that runs Bitcoin? Isn't that the biggest asset nowadays?

Si Bitcoin price target 2021 being above $100k is realistic because, in March, the price already broke the $60k. Keep in mind that just in December (3 months earlier), the price broke the $20k.

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