Cardano ADA Price Prediction [Should I Invest in Cardano]
Cardano ADA Price Prediction based on what happens on the market.
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Cardano is already on the first spot among all the proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies. I personally believe that all the cryptos that we can stake are with a bright future.

As you may know the proof-of-stake is the solution of proof-of-work and nowadays it is super easy to stake cryptocurrencies such as Cardano.

My Cardano Price Prediction is $10 if the BTC continues its bullish movement. Some investors believe it might reach $30 but that would be 10% of the Gold market cup. And Bitcoin reached that point but Cardano is not Bitcoin :)

However, in this Cardano ADA Price Prediction video, I have explained why the asset got my attention and why I decided to add it to my crypto portfolio.

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Another reason to have a positive Cardano ADA Price prediction is the fact is trading already above the $1. Which makes it kind of valuable. More, it is about to e launched on Coinbase Pro which will push the price even higher.

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