Everyone talks about the Bitcoin Crash in 2021, but here is what we have!
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The bitcoin crash 2021 is a nightmare for more crypto investors. What happened in 2018 still brings bad feelings to many people. But here is what you need to know!

In January 2021 the Bitcoin reached $42k and dropped to $26k. This is an over a 30% drop. Is that a Bitcoin crash 2021?

In February the Bitcoin reached $58k and dropped to $43k. Another +25% drop. Is that a Bitcoin crash?

It's a huge difference between 2018 and 2021. This is because many investors now are into the Bitcoin world. And the price recovers much faster compared to before.

Can we say that the Bitcoin crash 2021 already happened or can we expect it?

To answer that question lets see who is buying Bitcoin and who is selling it:

In January 2021 the Whales have bought 80k Bitcoins
In February 2021 the Whales have sold 140k Bitcoins
In February 2021 the Dolphins & Sharks have bought 117k Bitcoins
Since November the Fish sold over 128k Bitcoins

This actually means that more and more investors from all categories are bought it and selling it. This allows the price to recover much faster than it did in 2018 and 2019.

However, the huge investors do care about the big drawdowns and they prefer to invest in more stable assets.

Bitcoin Crash will be out of the question if the price stabilizes a bit more and less retracements are on the charts. Just like what we have in March until the moment...

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Thank you for watching this Bitcoin Crash 2021 video and I hope to see you again!