NFT Platform Launch NFT Marketplace launches on the 26th of March, 2021!
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Referral Code: 5ta2mexnsw announced the launch of the NFT platform on the 26th of March. Of course, the news pushed the Cro coin higher. The community expects the new platform, And in this video, I will explain what the NFTs are and why I am also looking forward to the new platform from

NFTs are the new mania, the new phenomenal the new unbelievable digital assets that sell from a couple of hundred dollars up to tens of millions. NFT stands for a non-fungible token – which means that this is a digital token that's a type of cryptocurrency, like all the rest we know. But unlike a standard coin, the NFTs are unique. Meaning that every NFT is just one, and it is a unique token in the digital world. And this might pump their prices to mind-blowing figures. NFT marketplace will be trusty for all the users of the brand and it will become popular quickly according to me.

Mike Winkelmann who is a digital artist and is known by the name Beepal has recently sold a piece for $69 million. And that is a record price at the time of recording this video. Another example comes from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who sells the first tweet for 2.5 million.

So why the news about launching the NFT platform pushed the Cro coin higher? For the beginners, The Cro is the token which I also invested in and recorded already many videos about it, but the sweet thing about it is the fact that when crypto com launches a new platform, services, Anything that will be useful to the community, pushes the price higher. A month ago I recorded a video about Mainnet launch & the 70B Cro coins burned. , if you haven't watched it, here is the video:

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