Virtual Cards Now Available [How to Fund Virtual Visa Card] Virtual Cards are now available on the App for EU!
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If you have missed the video where I showed step-by-step how to apply for a Visa card, here it is:

In this video, you will learn what the Virtual Cards are and how you can fund one.

If you wish to have such a card you would be required to stake CRO coins. That is the native token for the exchange. If you want to get a bonus when registering, use the promo code: 5ta2mexnsw, so we both get a bonus.

For some countries, it might take months for the physical cards to arrive. And that is understandable since increased from 5M to 10M users in 4 months...

So how to Fund Visa Card? You have 3 options:
► Crypto Wallet - you can use BTC, EHT, and some more cryptos
► Fiat Wallet - fiat currency in your App
► Credit Card - any debit or credit card that you have connected to the App

In this Virtual Card video, I have shown step-by-step how to fund the Virtual card using a Debit Master card.

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