The Power of Crypto & Forex Trading with 2 Founder CEO (Part 1)
An interview podcast talking about Forex and Crypto trading with Kelvin Ng and Chieu Liu.

This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Nothing we mentioned in this video should be taken as financial or investment advice.

Kelvin Ng is one of the Co-founders of Forex Lens, a Forex trading educational platform built for traders to learn superior Technical Analysis. Forex Lens is based in Toronto, Canada in the heart of the Downtown core, and services traders from all over the world.

Chieu Liu, the CEO and Founder of OverBit, a Forex & Cryptocurrency trading brokerage based in Singapore that offers cross-market trading for crypto and Forex trading.


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Part 2: Our Founder's TOP 10 Crypto Picks for Q2 (2021)

What is Forex Lens?
Forex Lens is an FX Educational platform that offers daily live streams with real professional traders in English, French and Spanish. Forex Lens teach traders technical analysis (reading price charts) and how to trade in the financial markets like a professional. Forex Lens offers 5 daily live streams, covering both Forex and Crypto with Q&A. They also send out high probability trade ideas for members to see first hand what their professionals are trading.

What is Overbit?
Overbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers cross-market trading for crypto, Forex and commodity training, offering leverage of 100x for Crypto trading, and 500x for Forex trading.

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