Visa Card REVIEW [ PROs and CONs for Ruby Steel] Visa Card Review based on my experience!
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This Visa Card Review will show you what the benefits of using such a crypto card are!

There are different cards available depending on how many Cro coins you will be staking:
★Midnight Blue - No Cro Stake required, 1% Cashback
★Ruby Steel - $400 Cro Stake required, 2% Cashback
★Royal Indigo & Jade Green - $4000 Cro Stake required, 3% Cashback
★Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White - $40 000 Cro Stake required, 5% Cashback
★Obsidian - $400 000 Cro Stake required, 8% Cashback

In this Visa Card Review, you will see the second Ruby Steel card which I am using at the moment but I am happy with it and I plan to upgrade it to the Royal Indigo. It actually sends me back cashback but in CRO!

This is very important to remember. The cashback is in CRO coins and not in fiat currency. Some might find it is a disadvantage, for me it is not.

I think the CRO coin has a huge potential and I am fine collecting more coins.

Here is a video I recorded for Cro Coin Price Prediction:

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Thanks for watching this Visa Card Review and I hope to see you in another video!