Tradable Insight What's The Best ETF To Track For Gold Holdings?
We use ETF Gold Holdings as a way to gauge overall sentiment in terms of buying and selling interest, not only in gold, but also in silver.


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We just have a quick question here from Zakim asking about ETF gold holdings.

We've obviously been using that as a way to gauge overall sentiment in terms of buying and selling interest, not only in something like gold, but also in something like silver as well. And the way that you can do that is by tracking the total holdings in popular gold ETFs or silver ETFs, and ETFs is a growing market.

It's something that's really gaining more and more attractiveness, gaining more retail following as well and the overall flows that we see in an ETF holdings for various assets can be used as a symptom engaged to see the type of buying or selling pressure or interest rather in the market for a particular underlying asset.

Remember that it's gonna track the SMP or it's gonna track financials, or it's gonna track gold in this case. So you can either use it for the ETF itself or just use it for an overall symptom engage for the underlying asset that attracts.

So Zakim, in icons, it's very simple to get there. Just create a new tab in, in one of your workspaces and then just simply type in "Gold ETF." And once that loads is obviously going to give you the first one, which is just normal Gold Zelle but what you want to see is the holdings.

So just underneath there there's an option called ETF holdings and the Recode for that is all equals ETF H and if we open that up, you'll see, it's going to give you a list of all the popular ETF, gold, gold ETFs. You've got the SPDR gold trust. That's arguably one of the most popular ones out there. You've also got the Comix gold trust. It's got a whole group of them.

And the one that we prefer to look at is actually a composite measure and that's the ETF gold total. So it's basically a full it's, it's taking a look at all of the most popular gold ETFs, combining them all together and giving you a total view of the overall holdings.

So once you've opened up this you can simply just enlarge that or pop out that chart. And what's great about this interactive chart that it, that it displays on, it's already going to give you Au or gold overlayed as well. So you can basically track the overall ETA flows versus the flows that we see in gold. And you can follow the same process with silver as well, also use the interactive chart.

It is a very handy tool to see, you know when particular sentiment, when sentiment might be changing for a particular underlying asset. In the case of gold, we've obviously been ramping to the upside, but it's only been more recently where we've actually now started to see the ETF holdings also starting to pick back up for gold.

So it's a very interesting shift that we've had in the markets in terms of of sentiment and just looking of course, at the ETF holding. So hope that helps Zakim and the other videos as always don't hesitate to let us know.


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