Trading Strong Currencies Against Weak Currencies - What To Know Before You Enter The Trade
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Finding a strong currency to trade against a week currency is simple. There are plenty of currency strength meters and MT4 strength meter indicators available out there to help you do this.

But the question is, can you or should you enter a trade on the sole basis of pairing currency strength against weakness? Is this enough to give you an edge and could you be consistently profitable?

Trading strong currencies against weak currencies is never enough on its own. In this video, you will learn a simple selection process to help you filter out the good trades from the bad.

Your success in selecting the right pair to trade on any given day trade hinges upon knowing the FUNDAMENTAL REASON for that currency strength or weakness. Knowing that there is an underlying, fundamental driver behind the currency strength that see on your charts will allow you to focus only on high probability outcomes. Simultaneously, you will reduce the risk of your capital whilst amplifying your win rate.

And that’s a winning, professional, forex trading formula!

Enjoy the video. Play it back as many times as necessary to really ‘get’ this important currency pair selection method.