CRYPTO NEWS - BlueBit Review - What is BlueBit - How it Works
CRYPTO NEWS - BlueBit Review - What is BlueBit - How it Works
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BlueBit Protocol is a decentralized yield aggregator based on Aurora, an EVM-compatible DApp built on one of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems, NEAR. The protocol is designed to serve users with different risk tolerances and to enable safer, more affordable, and more efficient farming.
BlueBit is working hard to help users improve their farming experience in Aurora and enrich the Aurora ecosystem as a philosophy of agriculture.
In addition to the provisioning topics that most protocols can provide, BlueBit is dedicated to solving problems and creating for DeFi 2.0 with innovative features.
BlueBit is the first revenue aggregator to implement a CRV locking model into the protocol, locking the service token to get a management token that will bring users much more rewards, such as increased platform fees and voting rights.
The team believes this mechanism will effectively address liquidity concerns by aligning user goals with platform goals over the long term to address liquidity concerns and help keep the price of APY and $BBT storage relatively stable.