CRYPTO NEWS - Crypto Market is in Red - Bitcoin Price is Back to $18K
CRYPTO NEWS - Crypto Market is in Red - Bitcoin Price is Back to $18K
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BTC Back Above $20,000 as Bulls Return to Crypto Markets: (1:15)
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Bitcoin (BTC/USD) gave back recent gains early in the Asian session as the pair was back below the 19000 figure after peaking around the 20383.15 level during its push higher, representing a test of the 50% retracement of the recent depreciating range from 22800 to 18153.13 area. Stops were elected above the 19249 and 19928 levels during the appreciation, representing the 23.6% and 38.2% retracements of the same depreciating range. Additional upside retracement levels in this depreciating range include the 20476, 21024, 21703, and 21805 areas. Buying pressure finally slowed BTC/USD’s descent around the 18487 area. Following recent selling pressure, BTC/USD bears are eyeing a greater risk of a test of the 17567.45 low reached in June. Following the recent sharp decline, the 20433 area has emerged as an area of consistent technical resistance and is technically related to selling pressure that commenced around the all-time high of 69000.