Top 10 FAQ to London, NY and Tokyo Algorithmic trading strategies course
Algorithmic trading strategies - London, NY, and Tokyo is a course designed to catch the volatility on the market with Expert Advisors.

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These algorithmic trading strategies are applied with Expert Advisors. For the very beginner traders, the Expert Advisors are robots or codes where the strategies are applied. This way the trader has nothing to do with actual trading.

The Expert Advisors open and close the trades automatically. The work of the trader is to set up the trading account and prepare the Expert Advisors.

In this course, the algorithmic trading strategies are generated with the strategy builder EA Studio. This is online software that allows generating strategies with predefined rules.

The mentor Petko Aleksandrow uses the stock volatility in this course. The Expert Advisors are designed to trade within the hours of the London, New York, and Tokyo Stock Exchanges. 

This way these algorithmic trading strategies are very quick to catch the signals that are coming within the trading session. Also, they are programmed to close at the end of the session. 

Petko Aleksandrov includes Expert Advisors in all of his Algorithmic trading courses but not in this one. The reason is the time difference. When the trader generates the strategies for his broker, they are being generated with the time zone of the broker.

This is why the Expert Advisors will work only for the time zone of the trader.

The mentor teaches the system in this course, and everyone who wants to learn how to generate such EAs can do it by himself for his Historical data using his time zone.

The strategy builder is available for every trader, even no trading experience is needed. Also, no programming skills are needed. The trader can export the Expert Advisors with one click.

There is 15-days free trial and during this period the trader can export an unlimited number of algorithmic trading strategies. 

You can test the EA Studio strategy builder on this link: