Why is it better to trade Portfolio of trading strategies?
Portfolio of trading strategies is the correct way to trade on the market. And in this video, you will learn what are the benefits when you trade many strategies simultaneously, and what is the difference when trading with a single trading strategy.

This lecture is part of the course Walk Forward optimization: Forex trading with Portfolio EAs. This is a new course that will be launched this month and you will be able to find it here:

What is the benefit of using a portfolio of trading strategies?

Every strategy has its losing phase and its profitable phase. The losing phase could last for a couple of weeks or months. This means that if you depend on one single strategy you can spend months trading and having no profits in the account. But when you treat with a portfolio of trading strategies when one strategy loses the others will compensate for the loss.

Also, the Forex market gives us great opportunities and we have the option to trade many different currency pairs which represent different markets. When trading with expert advisors we have the chance to trade many different assets in order to achieve better risk diversification.

When trading with a portfolio of trading strategies we have the chance to increase our profits because we use different markets and especially if we trade on different time frames we can build a huge portfolio of trading strategies.

This course will teach you how to combine different strategies into one portfolio and you will know how to filter the strategies that lose. This way the portfolio of trading strategies who will be filtered and at the end only the profitable strategies will remain.

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