Forex Trade of the Month | AUD/CHF - More than 200 pips to go | Bulletproof Traders
It's hard not to get overly impressed by the AUD/CHF big picture technical situation. As you can imagin, we were following the pair very closely as it was approaching the last line of resort, the mighty support level of 0.6760.

The sharp V shape turn around after the engagement of price action against the key level of 0.6760 was a clear indication regarding the enormous buy pressure that was coming off that area.

Needless to say, we feel that this tipping point was a big one, suggesting a massive shift in the major trend. Even though we've already pocketed about 150 pips since the beginning of this bullish campaign, according to the analysis, there are still more than 200 pips to go...

This video analytics on the AUD/CHF was published in our members area 6 days ago in real-time. We are getting ready for the big test level at 0.6995. Aside from being a secondary price target, it is also the next imminent obstacle standing in our way towards our final destination at 0.7259. Check it out !

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