Trading Forex for a Living - Introduction to Cross-price Matrix | Making a living trading forex
Here at Bulletproof Traders, our team members have been fortunate enough to be able to travel the world and live in the most exotic places while trading Forex for a living. We strongly believe that other traders should be able to experience the same freedom and joys of being able to make a living trading Forex from anywhere in the world.

The Cross-price Matrix methodology is based on a mathematical framework that reflects the cyclical nature of price action, focusing specifically on consolidations, trading ranges and general sideways movements. Other popular methods mostly attempt to address the likelihood of momentous moves and breakouts, which are far less predictable, and therefore, far less profitable. Cross-price Matrix provides a real and significant predictive value.

Because of its nature, the CP-Matrix method also provides a built-in risk and money management system. The main purpose of using the Cross-price Matrix method is to establish a solid strong predictive system that allows for accurate dissection of the market, while producing reliable and highly probable trading opportunities. This results in a system you can rely on to be consistent, even when applied across different markets.

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