Losing money in Forex - the reality
Losing money in Forex - the reality is a video from the Trading seminar by Petko Aleksandrov in Japan. For more videos from the trading seminar, please click here:

The trading seminar was held in July 2019, and many Japanese traders joined.

The trader Petko Aleksandrov in Tokyo, Japan, talks about What percentage of traders lose money?

�What percentage of traders lose money?

Petko Aleksandrov was working for 6 different brokers before he establishes the Academy. And probably all the students hear the statistics that 90-95% of people lose money on the market. Actually, this statistic is worse. It is more like 99% of people lose money. Which means that only 1% in 100 makes an actual profit. And now Petko Aleksandrov is very open to sharing his strategies with you, so you could be in this 1% of people.

Petko Aleksandrov is the CEO at EA Forex Academy, and with his courses, you will get the best of his experience. Already over 16 000 students, from all over the world, joined the courses from Forex Academy, and all are trading his trading strategies to avoid losing money in Forex.

All courses are online, and once you enrol in, you will receive lifetime access for it.

Petko Aleksandrov has created his courses focusing on the robustness of the Expert Advisors and the process to create many EAs without programming skills. This is very important in algorithmic trading for all traders who want to avoid losing money in Forex.

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