How to Trade False Breakouts - EUR-CAD Forecast | False Breakout Strategy
This EUR-CAD forecast video on how to trade false breakouts is an assembly of three seperate videos that were stitched together to create a cohesive and clear demonstration. These three videos were all recorded in real-time, and published on Bulletproof Traders members area during the month of August 2019.

We all know that verybody and their sister are all trying to catch price breakouts. We also know that going against the crowed is wiser than going with it. That's why we prefer to do the opposite and look for false breakouts, aka fakeouts, that are hugely overlooked by traders, as far as an efficiant and valid trading strategy goes.

A solid strong false breakout strategy requires 2 main ingredients. First, a powerful and reliable set of support and resistance key levels to act as our main point of reference. We use the Cross-price Matrix system for that purpose. Second, full and undivided attention to be able to spot that swift move that seems to be crossing our key level point of refference, but eventually lands right back to where it came from. That type of move would be considered as a fakeout, and would provide a high probability trading opportunity for a price reversal.

Science based approach to master the art of trading !

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