Unlocking the Secrets of Price Gaps - Advanced Trading Techniques
There is a lot of noise and mis-information when it comes to the way you suppose to treat price gaps, as they present themselves. Here, at www.BulletproofTraders.com we have our own unique approach to trading price gaps. More than 50 years of trading experience (between us team members) have allowed us to evolve 'price gaps trading' from a theoretical, and pretty useless notion, to a practical and profitable trading technique.

According to the literature (technical analysis body of knowledge), there are 4 types of trading gaps. However, we only focus on 2 out of these 4 types of gaps, and completely ignore the other 2. Furthermore, we still need to re-configure and re-define the 2 types of trading gaps that we do work with, by filtering their access noise, which is generated out of them as a byproduct.

Many years of trading have thought us not to trust price gaps on their own merit. As a stand-alone method for price analysis and price prediction, they come short and are far from being sufficient. In order to have a significant statistical edge and capitalize on price gaps, one would need to couple them with a solid-strong set of support and resistance system, such as the Cross-price Matrix for example.

In this exclusive educational session, we are going to share our best practices on price gaps trading techniques, from identification to implementation. This is the way we trade price gaps on a day to day basis, and in a verity of different markets.

Enjoy !

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