Learn Fibonacci Trading - Hybrid Cluster | Episode #5
Learn Fibonacci Trading directly from the CEO and head trader at BulletproofTraders.com. This video is for anyone who wants to master Fibonacci trading and learn how to effectively identify reversals and tipping points in the market.

In today episode, Roy will present one of our most important trading techniques - The Hybrid Cluster. It is the foundation and the primary reason behind our recent decision to pull the trigger on the USD/CAD.

My name is Roy Levine and I'm the Co-founder and CEO at Bulletproof Traders. We are helping traders from all over the world to quit their day job and become full-time traders. If you want to learn how to turn your trading into a profitable business, then you landed in the right place.

Bulletproof Traders is a Members-only Forex trading club. Run by an elite team of traders and market analysts, using proprietary science-based trading methods to master the art of trading.


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