Never Losing Formula in Bitcoin trading
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Dear traders, this is Petko Aleksandrov and in April 2020, I have decided to rerecord the lectures about the Never Losing Formula.

There were so many questions throughout the years. I launched the course in 2017 and for 3 years, I've received hundreds of feedback, hundreds of questions.

For some, it was easy to understand the Never Losing Formula. For others, it was not really clear.

So now, I will rerecord the lectures and I will make it easier for everyone to understand how the Never Losing Formula works, how I have calculated it and you will see that it's nothing really hard.

So the Never Losing Formula works great at all times. It worked brilliant in 2017, 2018, until the moment. I'm sure it will continue working great for the future. So I have calculated the Never Losing Formula for the Bitcoin to protect us from the negative trades.

If I have to make it very simple for the beginner traders, what is trading? Trading is we buy an asset at one price and after that, we close the trade or we sell it back in order to benefit.

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