JFD Broker Trading Account: PROs & CONs
JFD Broker is a well-known broker that is suitable for Algorithmic trading with Robots. You can open a virtual account and test the Meta Trader platform:


JFD Broker is a regulated and trusted broker used by many traders and in this video we will show you how to open a Demo account.

You will learn the PROs and CONs so you can easily decide if this is your broker.

JFD Broker offers an unlimited number of trading Demo accounts and they don’t have an expiration.

Ilan Vardy is a trader at Forex Academy and he uses JFD Broker because of the historical data in EA Studio loads from this broker.

So if you use EA Studio Strategy Builder and you have a Demo account with JFD Broker, you will have fresh historical data every day.

Our Trading Packages:

The software that we prefer to use in the Academy:

★ Forex Strategy Builder Pro - 2 weeks trial:

★ Test EA Studio with 15-days trial and get the FREE course:

� If you have any questions about JFD Brokers, please, write in our trading Forum, where you will receive an answer within 12 hours.

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