TradingView Tutorial - The Best Kept Chart Secret For TradingView
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We recently found something very cool in TradingView, and I am well aware that this might not be the best kept secret for TradingView I was pleasantly surprised and have been playing around with this functionality and is very useful.

So the secret we want to share today with TradingView is how to gain access to charts that would otherwise be very difficult or time consuming to find.

Now there is a site called, and they have some integrations with their charts with TradingView, and what that means is that you can get access to some really helpful and useful chart by just looking for the right codes to use from the Quandl website.

So, for example, imagine you want to look for a chart of Real Yields, you can simply just type in Real Yields and Quandl into your google browser, look for the name or title that links to and then open that up, then it will take you to a screen on where it shows you the chart, and at the top right corner there is a code you can use on TradingView, you can also just click their TradingView button that opens up a chart automatically but for some reason it keeps on opening up the new chart in one of my existing charts to I prefer just loading them manually.

Now, to load them manually is very simple, you just copy this code at the top right, and then you want to add the website name to the code.
So, let me open up this word doc and show you what I mean.

So you past the code, and then in front of the code you simply put in the name Quandle and then add the code next to it like this….

And then if you copy that entire code into trading view it will look something like this chart example. You can really just google any chart you can think of and see if they have it.

For example, if you want to see where the US10Y breakeven rate is currently tracking you can simply type in US10Y breakeven and then again look for the Quandl page with the right title and find the code. Let’s quickly do that.
Or imagine you want to track the yield curve of 2y and 10y us yields, the yield spread or curve between these two is an excellent recession tracker, or has a very high rate of success in predicting possible recessions.

So, for that, again, go to google, type in 2y 10y yield spread quandl, and look for the right one, copy the code, and then add it to TradingView.

We just found this a few days ago now so we are still playing around with it so this is really just to share this function with you guys, if you guys find something really cool please let us know.


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