Forex Trading with Expert Advisors: Get New 30 Strategies Monthly
Forex Trading with Robots: Get New 30 EAs Monthly is the newest course from Forex Academy. You can get it this month with a 75% discount:

Would you like to have my top Forex trading robots from the previous month, every month? Yes, have done the hard work of creating and testing hundreds of robots, and every month I will share my robots that made the most profit during the previous month with you.

This means that every month you will get new robots from me that I have tested and for those of you who have already done some of my courses.
I will show you a different method for testing, and it's the easiest way to do it.

Hello traders, my name is Petko Aleksandrov, a professional Forex algo trader. In this Forex Trading with Robots: Get New 30 EAs Monthly course, I will teach you to trade correctly with robots. And also, I will give you my robots every month.

We're in the 21st century, and over 80% of trading nowadays happens with trading algorithms, and if you want to be profitable, you should be trading with robots.

Don't waste your valuable time with manual trading where people trade with their emotions and fears, and they end up losing their money. Don't waste time using price action strategies that have no proof that they are profitable with algo trading. We backtest and have real statistics on the strategies.

We can see how each robot performed during the previous years. We can see every trade has so much information about strategy, which allows us to choose the best ones even before testing them on a platform.

Luckily we live in times where there are strategy builders and online trading platforms that allow us to trade with robots even if we don't have any programming or trading experience. This is what I will teach you in this Forex trading with Robots course.

I will demonstrate the complete process I follow from installing the trading
platform up until the moment I trade with the robots. I will share with you some secrets that you need to know about algo trading if you want to be profitable, and it's not easy to find these on the internet simply because very few traders know them or are willing to share them.

But after you complete the course, you will know what you're doing, you will gain the confidence required to trade on the Forex market, and you will have my robots that were most profitable during the previous month.

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