Expert Advisor Studio Overview (User Guide)
Expert Advisor Studio Introduction. You can find Expert Advisor Studio on our website:

Expert Advisor Studio is a unique online tool that we use for creating our trading strategies.

It will help you generate reliable Expert Advisors, commonly known as Robots, very quickly and very easily.

You can then add them to either your Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5 platforms. There is no need to know to program because Expert Advisor Studio does all of the hard work for you. An advanced backtesting algorithm represents the code of the program.

It's similar to the strategy tester in Meta Trader, but it's much quicker. In fact, the program is so quick that it's capable of creating and backtesting strategies automatically.

With the generator, traders can create and test strategies automatically, and the best strategies are then stored in the collection section. You can edit your generated strategies in the editor, and there you can review the strategy indicators and parameters. You can then export them as Expert Advisors to Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5.

The generator then automatically pushes the most profitable strategies that it's found in the collection. You can arrange the accumulated strategies by specific statistical parameters by adding validation criteria.

After that, you can move any of the strategies to the editor for review or
export. You also have the option to export the entire collection, to revalidate it, and use it at a later stage.

The Strategy tools section comprises of 4 types of tools.

The first is editing and review. This is the strategy editor which you can use to review and manually edit the strategies.

The next is the optimization, and this comprises the optimizer, normalizer, and the Walk Forward. These tools help the traders to optimize and validate the strategies.

Next is the robustness testing tool, and this comprises the Monte Carlo, the Multi-Market, and the Out of Sample monitor. These are tools for evaluating the robustness of the strategies without any modifications.

And lastly, we have the report. The report shows us the full backtesting statistics, tables, and charts. It represents strategy behavior and performance in a very visual way.

Coming back to the editor, you can create and alter your strategies with the setting indicators and parameters of your choice when you edit a strategy, Expert Advisor Studio calculates the backtest based on the historical data.

Then it displays the account statistics and illustrates the balance and equity lines on the chart, as you can see here.

The backtest process is so fast that you can tweak your strategies while you're looking at the chart. When you discover a strategy that suits you the most, you can export it as an Expert Advisor with one click.

What makes Expert Advisor Studio a unique program is that it allows you to export your Expert Advisors straight to Meta Trader. Since they use only standard Meta Trader indicators, this makes it very easy to apply them in your Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5 or upload them to a VPS.

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