Expert Advisors in EA Studio (User Guider)
Expert Advisors in EA Studio (User Guider). You can find Expert Advisor Studio on our website:

What Robots or Expert Advisors essentially is is a trading strategy that gets executed automatically. A good strategy would be one that has entry and exit rules and also dictates a direction in which you will be trading in other words if you're going to open a long or a short position.

A Robot/ Expert Advisors will then take the strategy and execute it automatically on the platform. Generating Expert Advisors or programming Expert Advisors on your own is not an easy task.

You need to have programming experience or at least knowledge plus you need to understand how MetaTrader works and to understand all of the indicators. This is vital if you want to create profitable Robots.

Once you have programmed your Expert Advisor, you then need to test its
performance. If the results are not good or not what you expected, you need to figure out why that is and then you need to change the code and then you need to retest it.

And this could be a process that goes on and on many, many times. The easiest way would be to perform a backtest in MetaTrader.

Now, backtesting is basically a process of trading simulation for a pass period of time that you define when you do your backtest. You would test the strategy of your Expert Advisor on the basis of your broker's historical data and you can see how it would have worked if it was trading in that time period.

The best way to run a backtest is by using the MetaTrader 4 strategy tester. The good news is that there is now a great solution that doesn't require any programming from your part. It's Expert Advisor Studio and it was created for all traders who prefer to create Expert Advisors without any coding experience or knowledge.

It'll save you endless hours of programming testing and optimizing your Expert Advisors because the tool does everything for you automatically.

All the processes of creating, analyzing and testing strategies are being done in this amazing trading program. In the end, you can export the trading
strategies as Expert Advisors and put them in for a backtest in MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.

Once your generator has finished running it'll push all of your strategies into
your collection. If we go into the collection, you can see that all of our strategies are here.

If you want to change anything on the strategy all you do is click on it. The first thing you'll see is a strategy properties box. If you click on that you'll see your entry lots, your Stop Loss, and your Take Profit parameters.

All of these you can change and that will change the equity line.

Below that, you'll see your long and your short entry rules. As well as your long and your short exit rules, as with the strategy properties box, if you click on it you can change the settings and that will, in turn, change the equity line.

The same thing on the long exit and the short exit. The generator has created strategies based on the parameters within these indicators but if you want to change it, you can simply go in and change it.

Once you have done that and you are happy with the parameters all you need to do is click on Expert Advisors and then download your Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 or for MetaTrader 5.

Best of all as mentioned previously in the video all of this is done without having to have any knowledge or any experience in programming.

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