Exclusive! Bulletproof Traders real-live position status on the EUR/USD
Bulletproof Traders in-house trading activities presents our recently taken short position on the EUR/USD. Targeting the short-term cycle, we believe price is on it's way towards the previous low around 1.1700.

Since our moment of entry a couple of weeks ago, the pair had been taking us on a roller-coaster. At first, dropping nicely but missing our secondary price target of 1.1746 by a few pips and turning back up for a big re-test on the mid-high key level of 1.1859.

Later on, after taking some profit off the table on the way down, we were waiting for price the touch base with the resistance of 1.1859 just to hit that nail right on it's head and re-build our short position back to decent size again.

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