Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges List in 2020
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges List in 2020.

Overall the cryptocurrency exchange that we use is Coinbase. Use the link below to get some free cryptos:

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In this video, Petko Aleksandrov will talk about the 10 Cryptocurrency exchanges you can check out and use. You will see some statistics about them and which one Petko prefer to use and why.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges List in 2020:

1. Binance with over $16 billion of daily volume
2. Huobi. It has about $3 billion daily volume
3. Coinbase with above $1.15 billion daily volume. Also, Petko uses Coinbase, but please don't take it as a recommendation.
4. Kraken with over $700 million of daily transactions
5. Bithumb with over $500 million of daily transactions
6. Bitfenix with $630 million of daily volume
7. They have above $1.8 billion of daily volume
8. bitFlyer, which has $200 million of daily volume
9. Abit with over $700 million of daily volume
10. Bittrex with $129 million volume per day

This is the list of best cryptocurrency exchanges but doesn't take it as a recommendation any of them. Check any of them before risking any real money.

Petko Aleksandrov is the Head Trader and Mentor at EA Forex Academy, and in this video - Cryptocurrency exchanges, you will get the best of his trading experience. Over 23 000 students already joined his courses during the last 2 years, and all are trading his strategies.

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