Forex Broker Comparison: XM vs. ATFX vs. JFD
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In this video - Forex Broker Comparison, I will show you how exactly I compare regulated Forex brokers.

So, for example, at the moment, I have XM in front of me. I will bring on the recording screen JFD, I will bring ATFX as well. So these are all regulated brokers.

And you will notice that with most of the regulated brokers, the commissions, the spreads are very similar.

So at one moment, you might be wondering if you are trading with the right broker, and at the same time, you don't know how exactly to compare them.

So I will show you what I use recently, and it works well for me, and you will be surprised what a difference there is between the brokers, and you will see the Forex Broker Comparison.

Today is Friday, and on Monday, I have placed the very same Expert Advisors on these 3 brokers, and I will show you how different the results are.

And this is exactly what I do all of the time. I compare different brokers by placing the same strategies using Expert Advisors. 5 days is enough for me to see the difference between the performance in the Forex brokers.

This way, I know which one for the moment will bring me better results if I trade with Expert Advisors.

Why do I say for the moment? Because the brokers, they change their conditions all the time. The commissions, the spreads, the swaps. These are the 3 costs that we pay for the brokers.

So with some, you will see a bigger spread at one moment, then they might get lowered compared to the other brokers.

So I regularly do this test testing the same Expert Advisors on different brokers. And I know for the moment which brokers I want to use. And of course, I use many brokers at the same time, not just one.

I don't rely on the one, and I don't want to keep my funds with one broker. Better to diversify the risk between different brokers.

So let me show you what we have in the account history for this one week.

I will start with XM, and you will see that I have many trades that open and closed. They were all trading during this week, and finally, I have $306 as a profit. So the account that I have here is in Dollars.

I have negative about 40 as open trades, but this is about 10% as a closed profit for 1 week, not a bad result.

Let me go to ATFX, for example, and you will see that I have a $-50 as a result for the very same period of time since Monday, and you will see that actually fewer trades were opened and closed.

And if I bring JFD, you will see in the account history $-0.56. So this account is just on break-even - no profits and no losses.

Let me see what I have as an open result, $7-8. So you see what a big difference I have this week, and for the moment, with XM, I have the best results trading these 12 Expert Advisors.

So this is a test that I would recommend you to do before you choose your trading broker. You must select regulated brokers and then place 12 Expert Advisors for different currency pairs.

As you see, what a portfolio I am using, and you can use the Expert Advisors that you are getting from this course or any other.

The most important thing is to compare the brokers using the same Expert Advisors. So you can use any Expert Advisors, you can take any from the EAs, that I could in my courses or if you have any other, and to just select regulated brokers to compare.

And if you have no idea from where to start, you can look at the trusted brokers' page that we have on our website where we have listed regulated brokers.

And you can use Forex Broker Comparison with the same Expert Advisors to see which broker will give your best results for a certain period of time.

And if you want to open a Demo account with any of the brokers, you can use these links:


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