ATFX MetaTrader 4 Tutorial for Beginners
ATFX MetaTrader 4 Tutorial for Beginners is a free lecture from Forex Algorithmic Trading Course – Top 10 GBPUSD Expert Advisors. You can enroll in the course here:

In this video - ATFX MetaTrader 4, Petko Aleksandrov will show you more about the MetaTrader platform, especially if you are a beginner trader.

You can download ATFX MetaTrader 4 platform from here:

Also, he will give you some tips that you need to know before starting trading with Expert Advisors. You will see how the MetaTrader platform looks like after you install it.

Petko has chosen MetaTrader for the purpose of this course and for most of his courses because it is the most common platform for trading. It allows algorithmic trading, which is very important, and it is free.

So the brokers pay to the Meta Quote company, and the brokers provide the platform to us for free, we don't pay any monthly fees charges, and so on.

What we paid to the brokers is the spread, and this is the difference between the bid and the ask price. For more information, watch the whole lecture - ATFX MetaTrader 4.

The Forex Algorithmic Trading Course – Top 10 GBPUSD Expert Advisors, is a favorite online course for thousands of students from Forex Academy. The course is online, and once you enroll, you will receive lifetime access and updates for it.

Petko Aleksandrov has created the course focusing on the robustness of the Expert Advisors and how to automate strategies even you are not a developer. This is very important in algorithmic trading for all traders.

Petko Aleksandrov is the Head Trader and Mentor at EA Forex Academy. In this video - ATFX MetaTrader 4, you will get the best of his trading experience.

Over 25 000 students joined the courses from Forex Academy during the last 3 years, and all are trading his best Expert Advisors.

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