ALGORITHMIC TRADER Petko Aleksandrov shares 5 facts that everyone needs to know about algorithmic trading.
Petko Aleksandrov is a professional algorithmic trader that uses Robots for his trading. He has founded EA Forex Academy which is the first Academy where traders learn how to do algorithmic trading without programming skills:

1. Algorithmic trading allows the traders to travel, spend time with friends and family, and work on other projects. No need to stay in front of the screen and monitor the charts

2. Algorithmic trading is easier compared to manual trading. When you trade manually, you can profit only if you are in front of the screen to execute the trades. If you are not, there are no profits. You can not trade with manual strategies 24 hours daily, but the forex algorithmic trader can do 24 hours trading from Monday until Friday.

3. Algorithmic trader uses backtest - it showed if a strategy was profitable until the moment or not. This is very important to know when and why the trades were opened and closed. Also, with the backtest, we know if strategies are profitable or not.

4. Algorithmic traders use strategy builder. These programs make it easier for the traders to generate new strategies and automate them as EAs with one click. It is effortless to become an algorithmic trader if one has a strategy builder. The ones that Petko Aleksandrov uses are:
Both programs have a 15-days free trial, which makes it super easy to test.

5. 99% of all the Robots that people sell on the market are crap. You need to pay attention when buying EAs because the people or the other side are just selling EAs. These are not algorithmic traders.

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