Live Forex Trading with Expert Advisors
Live Forex Trading with Expert Advisors is a free lecture from the MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots. You can find it on our website:

Hi guys, and welcome.

What you are looking at now is one of my Live Forex trading accounts. This is my Live Forex trading account, where I am currently running the strategy that I will be teaching you in this course.

As you can see, I'm currently running about 7 Expert Advisors on it, but that changes weekly just depending on the performance of my Expert Advisors in the Demo accounts.

And in this lecture, you will find the EAs I'm trading with every week attached as a resource. And these would be the EAs that I'll be trading within my Live Forex trading account.

All of the Expert Advisors you can see running here on my Live account are the Expert Advisors that we include in our courses.

I am running all of the Expert Advisors on Demo accounts, and I am selecting the best ones to trade on my Live Forex trading account. And again, I'm going to be showing you exactly how I select the Expert Advisors from the Demo account and place them onto my Live account.

I will show you exactly how I do that, how I test them in the Demo accounts, how I select the best Expert Advisors based on their performance in the last week and the last month.

And what you can see is today is the 14th of September. This has been running since the 17th. I have updated it weekly, and as mentioned, I've currently got 7 Expert Advisors on the platform, but that can change.

I generally don't run more than about 8-10, but it can be as little as 4. It really just depends on the performance of the Expert Advisors in current market conditions on the Demo accounts, and based on certain criteria that, again, I will run you through exactly how I do in this course.

These are the results that we are getting.

So, what you can see is I currently have 5 trades open, but what I really wanted to show you was the profit that I have gotten since the 17th.

As you can see, it is $408.33. And this account started with $1900 on the 17th.

So, we're currently running about 22%, and we have another 3 days to go before we reach the full month. So, stick around, watch all of the videos, and if you have any questions, please ask me in the section below.

And don't forget to download this week's Expert Advisors attached to this lecture as a resource file on our website.

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