The Qualified Head & Shoulders pattern | Become a Successful Forex Trader | Episode #11
The Qualified Head & Shoulders pattern is considered to be one of the most reliable patterns in the technical analysis space, but only when identified and constructed properly. In episode #11, we will start learning How To Master Forex Trading and How To become a successful Forex Trader.

Learn how to trade forex and how to identify and trade highly reliable price-action trading patterns directly from the Co-founder and head of trading at

This video is for anyone who wants to master advanced trading techniques and learn how to effectively identify reliable trading opportunities with solid-strong convictions.

In today's Episode #11, Roy will present one of our top favorite trading technique that has presented itself in the NZD/CAD price chart. We call this one the Qualified Head & Shoulders. It is the foundation and the primary reason behind our decision to pull the trigger and establish a short position on the pair.

My name is Roy Levine, and I'm the co-founder and head of trading at Bulletproof Traders. We are helping traders from all over the world to become full-time traders and reach their financial goals. If you want to learn how to turn your trading into a profitable business, then you landed in the right place.

By the end of this session, traders and investors will be able to take full advantage of one of the most important trading methodologies in the technical analysis body of knowledge of Bulletproof Traders. In this high-level training educational session, we demonstrate how to successfully and consistently trade the Head and Shoulders pattern across different markets.

You can learn trading secrets, trading strategies that work, improve your trading performance, and become a successful Forex Trader. We understand what’s needed to be done in order to break through the hardship of this financial journey while saving you a great deal of time and money.

Eventually, our goal is to show you how to dominate chart analysis to the point of producing outstandingly accurate forecasts and price predictions. Most importantly, we will show you how to become a successful Forex trader with a proven track record and systematic approach.

Join us and learn how to make money in Forex trading, learning the best trading techniques and trading secrets.