Coinbase Review [Trusty Wallet or NOT] #shorts
Coinbase review is a #shorts​ video, aiming to give you a brief idea about coinbase wallet. If you want to get some free crypto, use the link:

Coinbase is a huge company and very popular around because it is one of the few licensed exchanges in the US.

A great way to use the Coinbase wallet is to connect it to the exchange and send and receive coins easily.

Coinbase review video and all the reviews we do aim to keep the traders away from scammers. I will keep on reviewing brokers and exchanges to keep my students on the trusty websites.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments and I always answer.

When putting the hard-earned money on the market, you must know where is safe and where it is risky. Our coinbase review shows that coinbase wallet is a trusty place for the moment.

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