Tezos Price Prediction [Why I Keep Buying Tezos]
Tezos Price Prediction based on its staking capabilities!
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Tezos Price prediction is something that many investors are looking for. In this video, I will explain why added some more Tezos into my portfolio and what I find to be the most important for that Token.

I will share with you where I bought it, for what reason, and why I waited for the price to reach $4.50.

More, in this Tezos Price prediction video, I will share what is my strategy when buying crypto. How I split the investments and buy the dips to have a better average price.

My Tezos Price Prediction is very positive because of its staking capabilities. In the long term, the investors will look more and more into the cryptos that are proof-of-stake and not proof-of-work because they would like to gain more cryptos in the bearish market as well.

Also, the Tezos is quite depreciated because of the suits that were going on and once all is resolved, it will gain much faster and catch up with many of the cryptos that did great gains without an actual reason.

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