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How to Build Trading Strategy?
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In today's video, Petko Aleksandrov will share how to build Trading Strategy and what are the strategy builders and how you can build a trading strategy. Some call them Expert Advisor Builders, MT4 Builders. Simply these are programs that allow us to automate different strategies without programming skills.

We just put the indicators, the Stop Loss, the Take Profit, we see the backtest immediately. We have a lot of analysis, and with one click, we can export the strategies as Expert Advisors.

Simply this is software that allows the traders to automate their trading strategies.

When we use Strategy Builders, we don't need programming skills. The code comes ready and we can attach it to the MetaTrader platform and start trading. So how to build Trading Strategy Professionally? The answer is simple, with professional software.

And it's super easy actually to trade many strategies and not just one so that's the idea of the strategy builders and this is how easy you can build a trading strategy professionally.

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