FX trade of the week - GBP/NZD is on the move | Bulletproof Traders
In this FX trade of the week, Bulletproof Traders in-house trading activities present our current bullish campaign on the GBP/NZD.

We have pulled the trigger just a couple of days ago, right after price action came off to re-test the big key-level of 1.9303 from above.

Spiking that level from above the way it did, meaning that price action was re-assuring that the breakout was legit and real.

Looking back at the moment of inception, the potential upside move seemed to be very ambitious. However, after an explosive couple of days, we are already halfway through and the rest of this potential move does not seem to be outlandish at this point.

Our main price target and final destination remain the same at 1.9971 as the pair is closing in on that target quite rapidly.

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