3 Secrets To Profitable Trading
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In this video we will be showing you why trading with fundamental news flows, eliminating leverage and widening your stop losses are the 3 best ways for you to improve your Forex trading profitability.

OK, so if you’re struggling to trade Forex profitably, I can almost guarantee you’re making one of the following mistakes...

The number one mistake is that you’re only using price charts and technical indicators to find your trades.

This is a mistake because price charts only tell you what already happened. They don’t help you predict what will happen next. And if you’re trying to buy a currency just because it already went up, you’re in for a very frustrating time.

The trick here is to incorporate fundamental analysis into your trade selection process. Most people get all hung up on a debate about which type of analysis is the best and which one they prefer. The reality Is that Fundamental and technical analysis are actually designed to work together. They each do very specific things that complement each other.

For example, Fundamental analysis tells you which currency to trade, when to trade it and in which direction, long or short.

Once you have that information, you can switch to your technical analysis. This is designed to tell you at which price to enter the trade and then what price will be best for exiting the trade.

If you start trading like this, you’ll notice an improvement in your understanding of the markets and also your results almost immediately. Try it and see for yourself.

Another common mistake is believing the myth that using leverage is the best way to grow and compound your small personal account.
The reality here is that leverage increases your costs of trading so much, that it makes it impossible to ever make money in the long run.
You might get lucky for a while but you’ll eventually blow your account and feel the pain that goes along with that.

In the real world, the fastest way to grow your account is to actually cut out leverage completely. This will mean you feel less pressure to cut losing trades or exit small winners. It’ll let you focus more on the process of selecting and managing trades effectively.

Over time this will result in you becoming a better trader. This will lead to you naturally making more pips. Sure, your returns won’t be as sexy but your growth will continue over the long term and be a sustainable thing.
This leads us to another big mistake you might have made, which is trying to trade with really small stop losses. I’m talking 5 pips, 10 pips or 20 pip stops.

This only results in you getting whipped out of trades too early and taking multiple losses. The only winner in this scenario is your broker.
When you trade without leverage you can afford to make your stops bigger.
This will mean you can hold positions a little longer in line with the fundamental trend of the market. Without taking too much risk.

As you start to do this everything will start to come together. Your fundamental analysis will keep you on the right side of the major trends.
Even if the short-term noise creates some volatility.

Your lack of leverage will mean that you can use bigger stops and hold trades through this noise with much more confidence.

This will result in a much high win rate and better more consistent results.
In fact, we’re confident that you’ll see and feel a radical improvement in your trading results in just 30 days, if you follow these three steps.

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