It will change your forex trading: The new Multi-Timeframe Supply and Demand Indicator for MT4
Do you want to get trades with a risk of reward of 1:5 or even 1:10. Then my new supply and demand indicator for MT4 is a must-have tool for your forex trading success.

- Find entries with a very small stop-loss and with large targets
- Find positions where you should go out of the market
- Analyse nine timeframes in less than a second
- Three different analyses modes
- Built-in scanner for potential setups (BETA)

Trading supply and demand zones is one of the most powerful trading methods. The concept is based on the fact that banks and institutional investors open their trades on positions where the cheapest price (buy trades) or the most expensive price (sell trades) can be obtained.

With the supply and demand indicator, you can find exactly such positions.

Our indicator analyses the market structure, the volumes, and the candle structures of nine timeframes in less than a second.

We don´t charge a monthly fee for this high-quality indicator. You´ll get it for a one-time fee!