How to Trade Cryptocurrency with Exchange - Step-by-Step Guide
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How to Trade Cryptocurrency with Exchange - Step-by-Step Guide is a significant cryptocurrency exchange that supports a variety of crypto assets and blockchain-related services. Users can buy, sell and exchange a wide range of cryptocurrencies with relatively low trading fees. It also offers cryptocurrency credit cards, decentralized exchanges, standalone crypto wallets, NFT trading platforms, and DeFi services.
More than 250 cryptocurrencies are available for spot trading on, some of which are supported for betting. For example, you can buy and sell popular assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, and Polkadot.
In addition to providing the ability to buy, sell and trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies, has its own CRO coin. If you use a Visa debit card, Staking CRO provides a discount on trading fees and the ability to earn rewards.
The app is the most convenient way to use its services. The app allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, exchange fiat currencies, manage your Visa card, access Crypto Earn and Crypto Credit and make cryptocurrency transactions.
You can also track your portfolio, send coins to the exchange, withdraw cryptocurrencies to external wallets, and manage platform deposits. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and you can download it from the App Store and Google Play.
To trade cryptocurrency on the exchange, you must first be at the Starter level or higher.
Visit, the link I will leave you in the description below this video, and click the "Login" button (in the upper right corner).
Once logged into your account, you can trade on the exchange.
Go to the "Markets" page in the upper left corner of the navigation bar.
Select the market you want to trade. Navigate to the pair you want to change (for example, CRO/USDT) and select "Trade."
Go to the lower right-hand corner for the Limit, Market, and Extended Order areas. Select the type of order you want to trade and fill in the required fields.

The daily trading limit is the maximum amount of token trading within 24 hours. This limit applies to your primary and secondary accounts. The final daily trading limit is the lower of the base currency limit and conditional dollar limit. sets trading limits on trading pairs.
To democratize cryptocurrency trading and allow exchange users to get more out of their trades, the company said that trading fees had been reduced to 80%. This new trading fee structure lowers the barrier to cryptocurrency trading and provides additional benefits for CRO members.
Spot and futures markets, a commission reduction of up to 80%. Trading fees now start at 0.075% and 0.034% for the spot and derivatives markets. No minimum transaction amount is required.
The VIP, spot, margin, and derivatives markets have been simplified. They are easier to understand, and the progression through the levels is more straightforward. All traders can now get a maker commission of 0%. The gap between maker and taker commissions has been reduced.
You will also benefit from trading commissions by placing a CRO. Namely:
CRO stackers receive an immediate commission reduction
Additional trade fee incentives are available for stacking CROs of 1,000 or more.
Guaranteed 0% Maker Commission - Users who pile at least 50,000 CROs will receive 0% commission at all levels.
Get paid to trade - Users who collect at least 100,000 CROs will get a negative maker commission on all levels.
Also, each VIP level may reach 0% of the maker's commission. VIP trading starts at 0.1% of the total exchange volume for spot and derivatives markets. Each VIP level may reach 0% of the maker commission.
Liquidity providers benefit from negative trading commissions and increased capital efficiency. Specifically:
Negative maker commissions for all market-making levels
Negative maker commissions are rebates from commissions credited in real-time and calculated in the recipient currency of traded pairs for spot and USDC for derivatives.
Higher capital efficiency with higher leverage features the industry's fastest matching engine with an ultra-low core latency of 50 microseconds and support for 2.7 million transactions per second. The exchange's feature set is ideal for traders of all experience levels. From trading bots to advanced charting tools, users can confidently trade spot, margin, and derivatives markets.