I reveal a Forex secret: How we can find the order blocks with the help of a website
Supply and Demand trading works pretty well. But still, we need a little bit guesswork which supply and demand level we want to use for the best setup. Because of the high win rate, we can even choose 4-5 wrong ones in a row. And with Fib levels we often find the best ones. But today I reveal the secret how to find order blocks. Please sit down and watch :)

Join the free supply & demand chat room: https://discord.gg/f2dQBfn

For my analysis, I use the Supply & Demand software from Pipnotic https://goo.gl/g6sXiN

For finding the right pairs to trade I use Agimat & Ultimate Scanner

Agimat: https://goo.gl/495JvJ

Ultimate Scanner: http://www.metagrid.com/all-products