Impulsive break - Professional Forex trading: Master class with full analysis
Impulsive break - free lecture from Professional Forex trading: Master class with full analysis

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The impulsive break is what every trader is looking for in his day trading. This is the moment when the market price makes aggressive move in the desired direction. This is the best moment to grab quick profits.

In this lecture, Petko Aleksandrov, the Head trader at EA Forex Academy will teach you how to recognize the Impulsive break and how to use it.

What will you learn in the course?

-prepare the trading chart and environment

-build properly support and resistance and how to use these important levels on the market

-identify the major trend using the Dow theory

-draw trend lines and counter trend lines 

-use the Fibonacci indicator in an unique way

-price action trading which is they key point in manual trading

-make complete analysis on a currency pair before entering into the trade

-use the Impulsive break to enter at the right moment

-manage the trades professionally once they are opened

-move the SL according to the professional system

-place the TP on the exact place

Who is the mentor?

Petko Aleksandrov is trader with more that 10 years of experience on the financial market. He has worked for couple of financial institutions looking for the best method to trade on the market. During the recent years he is dedicated to EA Forex Academy, which he established in his own country Bulgaria. He has recorded over 400 lectures in online courses, which is the easiest way to teach young traders. During the last one year in 2017-2018, he has over 12600 students joining his classes.

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